Agent Development Program

Dugan's Travels offers several resources and opportunities for agent development to support their affiliated travel agents in building successful careers. 

1. Training Programs: Dugan's Travels offers training programs to help agents enhance their skills and knowledge in various aspects of the travel industry. These programs may cover topics such as sales techniques, client management, destination knowledge, supplier relations, and more. The training can be delivered through online courses, webinars, workshops, or mentoring sessions.

2. Educational Resources: Dugan's Travels provides educational resources to keep agents updated with industry trends, news, and best practices. These resources can include newsletters, articles, industry reports, and access to relevant travel publications. Agents can stay informed about the latest developments and use this knowledge to better serve their clients.

3. Mentorship and Support: Dugan's Travels may offer mentorship programs where experienced travel advisors provide guidance and support to newer agents. Mentors can share their expertise, offer advice, and help agents navigate the challenges of the industry. This mentorship can be instrumental in the professional growth and development of agents.

4. Supplier Training and Events: Dugan's Travels may organize supplier training sessions or events where agents can learn about the offerings and updates from various travel suppliers such as cruise lines, hotels, tour operators, and more. These opportunities allow agents to deepen their product knowledge, establish relationships with suppliers, and stay informed about the latest offerings and promotions.

5. Continuing Education: Dugan's Travels encourages agents to pursue ongoing education and certifications relevant to the travel industry. They may provide support or incentives for agents to obtain certifications such as Certified Travel Associate (CTA) or Certified Travel Counselor (CTC) through industry associations like The Travel Institute.

6. Business Development Support: Dugan's Travels offers business development support to help agents grow their businesses. This can include guidance on marketing strategies, branding, client acquisition, and administrative processes. Agents can receive assistance in developing business plans, setting goals, and implementing effective strategies for long-term success.

7. Networking Opportunities: Dugan's Travels often provides networking opportunities for agents to connect with other travel professionals, both within their agency and across the industry. This can include conferences, seminars, or online communities where agents can share insights, collaborate, and build relationships with peers. 

Dugan's University

Our in-person events.  Annually we meet in Anaheim, California for a weeklong event.  We also have shorter events elsewhere.  However, Anaheim is our main event each year.

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FAM trips

FAM trips allow travel advisors to gain firsthand experience and in-depth knowledge about specific destinations.  We try to do a few each year for our agents and suppliers also offer space on their fam trips that our agents get space on.

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Our winning online learning management system is here to support you achieve your higher education goals.  From our webinars with suppliers to our online content that is meant to help you grow your business, you have access to a wealth of information.

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After completing the new agent orientation, agents need more support.  This is where the Mentorship series comes in.  Topics that help you make it through those first years.  

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