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Dugan's Travels is a well-known host agency in the travel industry. A host agency is a company that provides support and resources to independent travel agents, allowing them to operate their own businesses under the host agency's umbrella.

Dugan's Travels was founded by Jennifer Dugan in 1997 and has since grown to become one of the leading host agencies in the United States. We offer a range of services to their affiliated travel agents, including access to industry suppliers, training programs, marketing support, technology tools, and back-office assistance.

Affiliated travel agents with Dugan's Travels can benefit from the agency's established relationships with various travel suppliers, such as cruise lines, tour operators, hotels, and more. This allows agents to offer their clients competitive pricing and access to exclusive deals and amenities.

Dugan's Travels has a reputation for providing personalized support and fostering a sense of community among its network of agents. We offer ongoing training and educational opportunities, as well as networking events and conferences to help agents stay updated on industry trends and expand their business.

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